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How to get my cancer gf to forgive me.?

Last night she was saying how her mother found out her father was cheating. And what not. And they were arguing. And I was asking like what is going on what are they saying. But she was being quiet. Then she told me she would talk to me later. I was drinking so in my drunk state I thought that was disrespectful. I was thinking why she just cant talk to me now. And so I said I will just find another girl to talk to. She got really upset and said wow I cant handle a family problem. And said all men are the same. And just ignored me the rest of the night. Then i started texting her this morning. And she was mad I said i was sorry and was just drunk and she told me to go be with my whores. And I told her I only want to be with you I wouldn't cheat on you. And she just never responded back. She told me her last boyfriend cheated on her alot. And now she found out her dad has been cheatin on her mom. So I know she has trust issues. And I said the dumbest thing I could say in the moment being drunk. But now I dont know what to do? Should I just wait and let her calm down or should I keep trying to contact her and try to make her forgive me?

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    Complements and gifts. 

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    Semd her an email. Apologize and tell her WHY your behavior was inappropriate.  Do NOT blame being drunk. That excuse means that you give yourself permission TO be mean when you are drunk.  That means you cannot control your behavior when you are drunk, will therefore do it again, and she isn't speakking BECAUSE she is afraid you WILLdo it again.  Take full responsibility for your faux pas and if you have to quit drinking alcohol forever in order to avoid hurting her again, then qiuit drinking. Make that promise, but understand that if you break that promise and drink again, you will lose her.

    She had better be worth quitting drinking over.  If not, give her up.

    Whether or not she ever forgives you is not under your control.  It is her choice. But if you promise to quit drinking and DO quit, that might bring her back and keep her.

    Understand that an apology WITHOUT a plan to conquer that behavior is an apology that is meaningless.

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    When you hurt a Cancer it take time to forgive 

    Cancer are very sensitive and need some time to heal 

    but I am sure she is very sad but she will not let you   see this ;;;not now 

    GO to her place and try to talk to her 

    Texting is OK when thing goes well 

    but now she is \sad and you regret what you have done 

    so she need to know this 

    Start by excusing yourself and show her you are sincere 

     Good luck 

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    I think you blew it. I know you were drunk but it's like me hurting someone while they're already hurt and blaming it on being drunk. 

    You could've sat and comforted her and tell her that it'll be okay, but you said some stupid shít. She might want nothing to do with you anymore. Keep trying and if shes just not interested anymore, you gotta move on I guess. 

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