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Have you known a Cancer who hurt their bf/gf or break someone's heart before?

I am just curious because on most media such as the internet and television, as well as when I hear gossips from people, they usually talk about Cancer women having their hearts broken by someone, but never the other way around. Most of the time, it is the Fire and Air signs who are blamed to be heart breakers. I think it is because Cancer women like to play victim. That is why people often apologize to them and they even expect Cancer women to forgive them, but I have never seen Cancer women apologizing to anyone.

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    I am a cancer (born July 14th), I broke up with my fiancee 2 days before the wedding for his Best Friend. Personal reasons, not as bad as it sounds. He committed suicide 1 week later. Oh well......I am now married to his friend with 5 kids. After he raped my sister because she got him mad who wouldn't dump him! And the rape part hit me hard as my sister and I were raped as kids and growing up by family, and he knew that. So no not all cancer women play victim! ANY body can! My Grandma was born in April she is always doing that playing victim trick!

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