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What do you call in English the sort of handkerchief that you can use to put objects on, like a beer?


It is needed in order to not to make the table wet.

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    In England, in a pub, you would ask for a napkin to put your beer on.

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    A doyley if made of cloth or paper. Doyleys can also be used for placing ornaments on shelves etc to prevent leaving marks on the furniture/shelf.

    A hard object can be a placemat or coaster. These are often used to place mugs of hot drinks on to avoid making rings on the table.

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    That is a 'coaster' if the size is around 4 inches, 10 cms. But not usually made of cloth in Britain. 

    For individual dinner plates you have 'table mats', if you do not have a 'table cloth' covering the whole dinning table.

    Handkerchiefs are for blowing noses onto, or for wiping your brow if you are sweating, not for any other purposes. Possibly for wiping the table if you spill a lot of your drink!

    These days many people do not have fabric handkerchiefs in their pockets, they use tissues. (Kleenex, etc)

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    It's a coaster or if it's in a pub/bar, a beermat.

    If it's a large one, made of thin patterned paper it could be a doyley/doily.

    A handkerchief is a cotton or paper cloth, about 7 inches/17  centimetres square, used for blowing your nose, wiping children's mouths, etc.

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    isn't it a doily put it underneath a vase or teapot..

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    "coaster" (US, Australia), "drink coaster" (US, Australia), "beverage coaster" (US, Australia), "beer mat", or "beermat"

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