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So masks are useless against Covid-19 aka coronavirus?

If true why was I exposed to a co worker who had covid yet I got tested and I tested clean not having it. I am not saying masks are 100% effective against it or every situation or circumstance.  I feel though if two people both wearing a mask it dies reduce the chance of the spread .  If a person sneezed or coughs the mask helps isolates any particles flying in the area.  So reduction in spreading it around beats none.  I am fortunate I have no conditions but still doesn't mean I want it or want to be potentially quarantine for 2 weeks.  


Ghost of Christmas past.  I would not say three weeks maybe three months  which we would not be going a year into this crap.

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    It depends on the effectiveness of the mask that you are wearing.  Some are a lot better than others. Are you trolling?

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    Masks are NOT useless against Covid-19. If your co-worker had covid; & you were wearing  a mask, chances are you didn't breath in any of the particles. This is why we're strongly encouraged to wear a mask. If everyone were to wear a mask, the protection is even greater, because chances of the spread is much slimmer. You must still remember to wash hands frequently. After touching doorknobs, things that are frequently touched by others, etc.etc...WASH YOUR HANDS for at least 20 seconds. 

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    Yes you are saying masks are not 100% effective.  That's probably because nobody ever said that, dummy.

    Wearing a mask does almost nothing to protect you from getting the virus.  Wearing a mask protects others from you.  If someone isn't wearing a mask in public, they're not gambling with their own health.  They're gambling with everyone else's health.

    A mask doesn't stop the virus, it just reduces the risk.  Sometimes reducing the risk is all anyone can do, and there are no guarantees.  That's why condom vending machines don't have a sign that says "insert baby for full refund" on them.

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    An airbourne pathogen with the particle size of <= 0.3 microns aint going to be stopped by a face gag never mind how good ure eyesight is you cant see it even with an electron microscope.

    Now for the vapour aspect ideology that every official is pushing,  take a few inhales of a vape/spliff put on the mask/gag and exhale and you will see (the plumes of vapor)now do you see how ineffective that gags are.

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    Yeah they're useless, don't waste your money on buying them. Use the ones provided at work if they do provide. 

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    stop listening too those huge anti mask trolls

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    First off can someone PLEASE!!! SLAP the idiot who started the BS that a complete worldwide lockdown would effectively kill the virus because it would lack a host for three weeks or three months. Have you ANY clue how long that virus, in one form or another, has been on planet Earth sans a human carrier? The flu has been around for thousands of years but all y'all are speaking just like Trump and it ain't out of your mouths, concerning how to kill SARS-CoV-2. Oh, and while you've put the world on lockdown Tuberculosis is running rampant and it kills well over 1.4 MILLION people a year. Scientists are continually in battle with so many infectious disease and Covid-19 has derailed many of those programs in favor of finding a vaccine for one. Stop spreading such baseless "cures" that will NOT kill the virus and let the scientists tell the story and find a vaccine that may or may not end the pandemic. Just saying that people usually get sick, their body makes antibodies and that new line of defense keeps reinfections at bay which is also what a vaccine does, in a manner of speaking. A vaccine introduces "bad guys" and those white blood cells step up and produce an antibody. Unfortunately reinfection is still possible with SARS-CoV-19 and sticking our heads in the sand for 3 months is not a cure.  

    And some people truly believe this Covid-19 BS is a complete hoax. I don't try to understand those who choose to be ignorant of the risks because that's on them. The only thing I can do is try to protect myself and others by practicing appropriate PPE use. It's sad that you could be putting your life in danger just for asking someone to mask up, so I don't but I also understand the risk so I am aware of those who choose to be stupid.

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    You sound like you are having an argument with yourself

  • They do reduce the spreading of the virus. They block droplets and keep them from spreading in the air. Masks cover your mouth and nose, which prevents the droplets from entering your body. If both of you were wearing masks and physically distancing then your chances of getting covid 19 would be very small. 

    I have an auto immune disease, I could be very sick. If I get it I may have to stay at home for more then 2 weeks. I don't have the time off to do that, so any time off would come out of my pay check.

  • Masks stop you giving covid-19 to other people.  They trap the droplets of saliva which are the main route by which covid, flu and cold germs are transmitted.  If everyone wore a mask, the pandemic would be over in 3 weeks.

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