Photo recovery on galaxy s9 with broken screen?

Hi how whats the best way to recover pictures off a galaxy s9 and a galaxy s7 with a broken screen please ¿ if the screen and digitizer is replaced will all my data be ok and on my repaired phone ¿ any help appreciated please as i have around 4000 priceless pics of my kids on the 2 phones.cheers.iain

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    hmm, you don't back up the phone?  You should have automatic backup configured.

    Go to settings > accounts and backup and be sure backup is enabled.  If necessary you can restore your data/apps etc.. from the same spot, even if you get a different phone (assuming it's an android).

    For future safety purposes I'd strongly recommend you sign up for an online photo storing service.  If you're an Amazon Prime customer you get photo storage included with Prime.  There are other services such as, google photos, Flickr, etc... these usually have some subscription cost (<$5/month), but your photos are safely stored in the cloud where you will never lose them and you can access from any device connected to the Internet.

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