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Is rationality the methodological attempt to align our ideas of ‘what is’ with ‘what is’? Why or why not ?

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    It is the problem of the One and the Many -- which Classical Thought, Judaism and Christianity have solved by the idea of the Logos (or in Chinese Bibles , the TAO), namely that the same God made all that is, it is consistent and it is reasonable. And because man is in image of God then reason speaks to reason .

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    A more precise phrase is "the correspondence theory of truth," which early Wittgenstein ("Tractatus") exemplified:  A asks for a B, and C gives a B to A; the B-word corresponds to the B.

    "Epistemic justification" <--- rationality <--- good reason.

    "Good reason" = an acceptably axiomized process.  

    Axioms are there are differences among selves, different "acceptable axiomizations" will develop different "good reasons."

    Godel proved that (~) non-trivially axiomized systems are necessarily incomplete (i.e., containing true/false claims that are unresolvable within that particular schema).

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    "what is" and "what is" are exactly the same.  ???

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