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Why doesn’t the FDA care about nurses and doctors caring for Covid patients that will catch it and die while they are dragging their feet ?

the FDA just released new guidelines on emergency use authorization of vaccines which are more specific than earlier guidance it had provided.

They recommend that manufacturers provide safety data for an average of two months after trial participants receive their last shot of experimental vaccine. (Most of the vaccine candidates require two shots.) This timeline would make it extremely difficult for any vaccine to receive a thumbs up before Election Day.

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    Only one had a shot of being approved before election day and a week or so back, they announce a month delay. The only other one that had a shot,  was Pfizer, but they have had multiple changes in their dates. 

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    The FDA does care. That is why they are requiring that the manufactures of vaccines show that the vaccines are safe and effective. A vaccine that does not prevent infection is worse than no vaccine at all.

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    The FDA approval process is already much faster than normal since Trump ordered it.  

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