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Anyone else's bf dismissive of you having mental illnesses?

After having our first child, at my postpartum check up my dr asked if I had been having feelings of not wanting to care for myself or my baby. I said no and i thought that was all PPD was. Ive just recently found out what it actually is (pictured) I told my bf about it cause ive been experiencing almost all of those things. He straight up told me I dont have PPD and that ive not been gping through that. Growing up my mom was dismissive of my mental issues so i never got any help. Now my bf is also being dismissive so I probably wont get help with this either.


Also, he doesnt spens enough time around me to know if I have PPD or not. Hes either always working or always upstairs playing his game with his friends while im downstairs with our baby 24/7

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     Never had an actual boyfriend during my entire life zxjqg

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    When we have mental health issues, it's up to us as individuals to make positive life changes. While it's nice to have a support system, not everyone is willing to be part of that system.  If your mom was dismissive and if you never got any help growing up, DO IT NOW.  Do it for yourself and your child.  

    Recovery is an individual journey.  No one else can fix us. Ask me, i know.  

    You can get help if you want it... you have to WANT IT.  If you don't, and if you think you're not going to recover, you will not.  Because why? Because what we believe in this life we make true.

    There is self help online too, but i suggest therapy and also self help... and doing the work it takes to come to your own recovery.  YOU have to do it and you CAN

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    You are a single parent with an extra body in the house - your feelings are pretty normal.

    Whatever he thinks of your feelings, you have them, and should get whatever medical or emotional help you need to sort out your feelings.

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    Men don't understand and tell you to shake yourself and get over it but go and speak to your doctor about it and he will help and then boyfriend might understand but it will eventually clear up so meantime enjoy your time with baby and tell boyfriend time to give up the computer games

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    First rule to a happy, stable relationship:


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