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Can you please explain the phenomenon of royalists loving Camilla but disliking Diana?

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    Royalist love Camilla because she is subservient to the Royals, while Diana did things her own way, had her opinions and had a personality. The reason Royalists like that is because they are subservient to the Royal family too, Royalists believe in a hierarchy and they believe the Royals are above them and they like that! They enjoy being bottom of the pile. They believe in a social structure with a hierarchy and they want everyone to know their "place" 

    Any Royal which rebels against protocol, Royalists hate them. 

    Very strange, i know!  I'm sure this slave mentality, belief of a social hierarchy, are some kind of weak genetics that are inherited ? 

    Not sure why else someone would believe in a system where they see themselves as being beneath another person and are happy to be inferior.

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    Can you please explain the phenomenon of an anonymous person repeatedly posting the same themed questions over and over and over again?

    Not all royalists think alike. There are royalists who like Diana.

    Whether a person likes or dislikes,or has neutral feelings about Diana depends on that one, individual person, their morals, values, ideals.

    Many people are able to see the good and the bad about Diana. Many people think that she did a good job as Princess of Wales when thinking about her charitable works. But, many people dislike the way Diana aired the private lives to the public through Andrew Morton and Martin Bashir.

    It was not wise of Diana to air her, and Charles' private life to the public.

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    I suppose I could be seen as a 'royalist' but mainly because I happen to prefer the system we have in the UK of an inherited Monarchy and an elected Parliament.   Not electing a President every 4 years.

    I don't love Camilla, but I think I saw right through Diana so yes, I disliked her.  Even if she was a girl in the wrong place, at the wrong time.   How could anybody, royalist or not, ignore that fake coy expression!   That Interview was the last straw - give the woman an Oscar. 

    The arranged marriage (which wouldn't be the first within the Royal Family, or other aristocrats) was a mistake from the get-go.   It's a pity neither had the strength to stop the marriage before it was too late.   But I suppose once the truck starts rolling, it's hard to stop it.

    I'm just content to see that Charles and Camilla fit.   He looks happy which is something he really never looked when married to Diana.

  • Royalists cannot be explained at the best of times. They seem to be people who go more on instincts than thoughts. 

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    Many royalists, gay men in particular, adore Diana, while anti-monarchists like to claim Diana was a slapper and had one of her children by another man. The reality is that most people could not care one way or the other about someone who is now part of an unfortunate bit of history.

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    I still Love Diana and have no time for the Royal dog

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    That's very easy, one word explains 

     it trolls 

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