How come people call me a liar and won't believe me that I work when I'm autistic?

So people don't believe me that I have a job at mcdonalds and I don't get it. I recently got a job at mcdonalds and so that change my perspective and now I've became a republican and a trump supporter. I shared my views and I told my uncle about how I think people here are a bunch of liberals who are too lazy to get a job. I told my uncle that these people from here buy MacBook pros with tax money and I called them lazy punks. My uncle attacked me and said that I'm such a jerk for judging people. Well people here started stuff with me in the past and since now I work, I don't support anyone who sits on their butt and take my tax dollars and buy expensive computers when I can't even afford to get a new MacBook pro. I need a new one since mine is falling apart and I can't get one cause I don't have enough money. Eventually I will save up enough to get one but I don't like how people here use my tax dollars and buy theirs immediately. Everyone calls me a lair and say that I don't have a job when I do have a job. Why do people not believe me that I work at mcdonalds ?

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  • 4 weeks ago

     Who cares what people who don't know you or your life think? You work, you pay taxes, both of which i applaud.     A job is a job, and be thankful that you are able to work. McDonald's is a good job.  

  • 1 month ago

    So your a republican now ? Funny to hear that from a criminal/felon who continuously breaks the law and gets himself arrested multiple times. Republicans support the police and want punks like you thrown behind bars. Your a true definition of a nut job.

  • 1 month ago

    I don’t care enough to call you a liar nor do I care that you feel “ your tax dollars” are spent by me or anyone else. Obviously you can work if you are holding a McD’s job, right? Well, I cannot work. So there is that. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I spoke to sally earlier and she is pressing charges on you. From what I was told, you've been harassing her for the past year. You left bomb threat voicemails and threats to shoot her. These posts here will help her press charges as she now has enough evidence to prosecute you. You can expect a visit from Richland County Deputies soon who will pick you up and take you back to jail.

    Your a pathological liar and everyone is tired of you. EVERYONE. You've ran everyone's patience thin and they are no longer going to take any crap from you. I've spoken to an deputy from your area yesterday and he told me all about you. If you commit anymore crimes or make 911 prank calls, They'll just get a warrant and take you to jail. They aren't going to waste their time playing games with you when you waste their time sending them all over the place for false alarms.

    If you want to continue to be a tool and make threats and prank calls then go ahead, you'll land yourself back in jail.

    I am done trying to help you.

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  • 1 month ago

    prove you have a job......and that you are KV...make us look stupid.  you must have something from in uniform with your name tag, some type of employment contract.

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