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My ancestor was high-ranked Russian Orthodox priest who was murdered by Jewish Commissars in the Solovki Gulag. Can I get reparation money?

Jews get Holocaust reparation money from Germans. Can I get reparation money from Jews? If so, how much? 50 000 Euros?


 Should I write to Genrikh Yagoda's family?

Update 2:

Jews will pay me a few millions

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    Only Jews who actually suffered in the Holocaust got reparations money from Germany.  Only Japanese who were interned during World War II got reparations. Their descendants get nothing.

    I don't believe this story for a moment.  Jews themselves were certainly badly treated under the Soviets and were among the prisoners in the Solovki Gulag.  Whatever the case, you don't qualify for reparations because of something that happened to an ancestor. And reparations are paid by governments, not ethnic groups.

    Grow up and get an education. You so obviously don't have one.

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