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not married but living with we own land jointly i want out he doesnt what to do?

been together 15 plus yrs we own our land and home. I am not happy due to verbal abuse constantly. I ask him to give me some $ towards my part and he said no then he said $5000. and our property is valued soooooo much higher its 3.3 acres. How do I or can I get my part if he continues to live on it 


Its paid for its in his name and my name we have both lived here from start. i would take my name off if he would just be a fair person. $5000. is not acceptable to hand it over to him. so I guess its time to hire a lawyer. 

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    Either he buys you out, you buy him out, or you sell the land and split the proceeds. Whatever you do - it needs to be done properly and legally.

    Perhaps you should start by getting it valued so you know what each share is worth. 

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    Even though you're not married you should consult with a divorce attorney as they are experienced in the division of properties when couple's separate. 

  • Barry
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    Hire a matrimonial lawyer.

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    You have to sue him for partition.  

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    So you jointly own 3.3 acres of land. You want to sell it, but he says no, but he will pay you $5000 for your half (and its not clear if you would then transfer your half into his name or not).

    Well, assuming that's all mostly correct, the only way to force a sale is to file a partition lawsuit. This would force him to either sell the land, or buy you out at a price you determine. If this land goes with the house you are living in, then this would cause the sale of the house and thus is probably not feasible (in this case there is no way to get your money short of selling the house or subdiving the land to seperate it from the house, and not clear if subdiving the land is even possible - depends on the zoning).

    If he is giving you $5000 just to stop complaining (and you are not re deeding the land into just his name), then you might consider taking it. You would still own half the land (though you should give him an extra $5000 when you eventually do sell) and you also have $5000 to do with, as you please. Land goes up in value, so doing this you still own an appreciating asset (the land) and again, the $5000 is nice too. Only take the money if you are sure you will not be selling the land to him.

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    You'd have to sue to force him to do anything. But you are common law married.

  • R P
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    You will have to take him to court to sue for your share of the equity.

    If you are not on the deed to the property, it will be very difficult to prove that you are owed the money.

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    You have to take legal action and sue for partition, which he will have to buy you out or sell and split any profits............. however it will cost both of you thousands in legal and court costs

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    Hire a matrimonial lawyer.

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    The courts don't have mechanisms for unraveling the finances of unmarried individuals.

    - what does your contract with your partner say?  Oh, don't have that either...

    If the property is jointly held:

    What was the value when you bought?

    What is the value now?

    Did you split the mortgage and repairs?  Reduce that from the difference.

    Split it in 1/2

    Sue him for your share.  This will cost money. 

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