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rejected by my crush :(. what next?

I finally got confident enough to talk to him 1 on 1 after school. I asked him if he wanted to hang out sometime. And he asked "do you like me?" And I was so awkward and said : "well, yeah, kinda" (I'm lame, I already know that) and I thought things were going really good but then he kindly rejected me, saying no thanks bc he was talking to someone else (possible, but could have been an excuse). I thought we had a lot in common, but I guess he isn't interested in me. Oh well. No lie, though, I'm pretty bummed. Anyways the whole conversation was just weird and terrible and now I have to face him at school tomorrow and I'm sure he will tell all his friends. What do I do now? We have 2 classes together this semester. How the heck am I supposed to act? He's gonna be creeped out now, right? 

I can clarify details if u ask, I just wrote this in hurry 


@Khan: what do you mean I'm being fake? I'm a girl. I'm not acting like a boy - maybe another GUY asked a similar question ... Thanks to everyone for the help though : ) I'm feeling a bit better today and didn't got to school today actually, but do tomorrow :(

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    You showed a bit of maturity by speaking up to how you feel.  My best advice is don't stop now.  It appears, he was polite, and honest.  He talked to you, and did not make fun of you, or put you down, he got to know you a little.  And he weighed the 5 mins he spent getting to know you, and the time he got to know another girl.  it does not mean he does not like you or is not attracted to you.  Most likely he just spent more time with the other girl, and feels he has more in common, with her for right now.  So how you handle it, is take it as it seems.  Do not make it a big deal. assume he is the good person you thought he was, and seems he is.  He might tell a few friends you told him you liked him.  Its not the end of the world to admit you like someone.  So you did nothing wrong, and he politely said, he was interested in someone else. In a month he might rethink it, and ask you out.  If you do not act stupid, or weird around him.  Just treat him almost like you did before.  He does know you like him, he has more to lose to treat you in a joking way, or take advantage of you liking him.  Try to remember how you acted before he knew.  And unless someone or he asks you a personal question, just act normal.   

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    Only focus on men who initiate interest. Mark Newman-Bennett wasn't all that.

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    Sorry, but it happens.   At least he was honest

    Feelings come unasked, actions are a choice

    Hard as it is, move on.

    Now is not always

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    It's great that you went for it.To many people are scared to take the chance.You gotta GO FOR IT!!!! So even though it didn't work out i'm proud of you stranger.

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    You go! Good for you! Not many people have that confidence! I don’t think it’s weird he answered you nicely it seems, maybe he truly is talking to someone else.. and if he tells his friends and is “creeped out” you’re better off with out him anyways. All you did was ask him to hang out, walk into school with that same confidence! 

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    You did not confess your undying love. You invited him out, said you kind of liked him when asked, and that's it. Not a big deal, even if he tells all his friends.

    Just act normal when you see him. If anything, you can be proud of yourself for having the guts to ask him out. Good for you, even if it didn't turn out the way you hoped it would.

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    I think he's lame for asking you if u like him. What is he a preschooler? He should be more tactful than that

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    You don't need to clarify anything. Maybe he is a good guy, and is seeing someone else and knows it wouldn't be cool to be a two timer ? Hold your head up high and smile when you see him, let him know he missed a great chance to date a great girl. He wont be "creeped out", more likely he'll wonder if he made the right choice? Dont be a pain in the butt, but continue to talk to him, say hi when you see him. Good luck.

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    If he is the guy that you thought he was, he will not be dissing you behind your back.  He says that he is talking to, interested in someone else. You have no reason to doubt him, but you can admire him for his character.  He is loyal to this other person, but he might be single in a month or 6 months.  When you see him tomorrow, give him a smile , say "Hi" and keep on going.  Act like you would have the day before yesterday, of last week.   Nothing too weird, nobody creeped out.

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    deal with it, buttercup.

    Men have to deal with rejection constantly.

    When it comes to rejection, women are a lot more cruel to men than vice-versa, trust me on this one.

    You should be grateful he let you donw gently.

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