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What film is this?

I have no idea what this film is what why I would have watched it, but I’ve randomly remembered and it’s driving me insane. I can’t remember that much about it so I apologise for the slightly incoherent description.

There’s a rich family, I think three siblings, and one of them is classed as dangerous and sent to basically a prison on an island. Then one of the other siblings goes to visit them and finds out what horrible conditions they live in and gets mad at the parents. Some other stuff happens thats not that relevant, like the dangerous sibling plays the violin. The sibling visiting eventually finds out that the dangerous sibling has basically taken over the prison and controls everyone, and realises there’s no glass imprisoning them. The safe sibling ends up locked in the cell and the dangerous one makes them do horrible challenges, like dangling three brothers from the cliff and making her choose who to save. There’s another couple of people there? They all end up in a basement or something, and there’s a bit about a child’s coffin. The dangerous sibling is setting them challenges again and it ends with the safe sibling having to figure out where the dangerous sibling killed their family dog as kids. It’s the well, and a dude is trapped in there and she has to save them, then eventually she finds the dangerous sibling and saves her or something??

Pls help it’s driving me crazy!

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