Acne/Pore problem?! ?

Hello, so I struggle with bigger pores on my cheeks right under my eyes and have for awhile. It bothers me but they aren’t bad to the point where I panic to much. Um..but recently when my face has broken out on my cheeks closer to the center or more in towards my ears, big pores are like left behind! I didn’t start to panic until I noticed those just because before I know it whole face will be full of noticeable huge pores! I’m so scared that acne looking scars or pores will just be all over and I won’t know what to do?!

Please is anyone has any advice or knows what to do please help a girl out!


Can someone please insert pictures of the products mentioned in answers!!

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Large pores.

    Treatment is to use Alum. To constrict the pores.

    After washing with warm water, unscented or no soap, pat dry.

    Then sparingly apply Alum, aka Shavers Stic.

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