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Which xbox console??

Hi! I am looking to upgrade my bf's gaming console this holiday season. 

He is currently playing on his xbox one. I had NO idea that a few different consoles have been released since then. I have the means and budget to buy him the one dropping in Nov., but I also wanted to consult some other sources to see if that's the best move. I know nothing about the specs or what the buzz is as far as expectations go. 

I've heard xbox one x vs xbox series x?


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    this might not be a bad idea to do a "joint" surprise gift.  you want to make him happy, but make sure you get the right one.

    xbox series x is a "low end" gaming console.  but it is DIGITAL ONLY.  if he has any disc games or cd games he still plays it won't work with those.  there is also a xbox one s that is digital only too.

    you could do a fun iou riddle or puzzle theme and the answer reveals a new xbox.  that way he's surprised about the idea of the gift, and you both can go out and get what he wants.

    xbox one x is a current gen console for 4k gaming.  same with the next gen series s and x.  

    if you want to play with him, you will need to get another controller.  though any xbox one controller will work on xbox series consoles.  

    either of those three will be good picks.  as games will still be coming out for the one x for years to come.  but eventually we'll start to see exclusives come out only for the series s or x.

    but with limited pre ordering available, and some may not come to retail stores on launch, you may have to wait awhile to grab a series s or x.  

  • 1 month ago

    If he has the original Xbox One, then the Xbox One X would be an upgrade in that it has a faster CPU and better GPU for graphics rendering up to 4K natively.  It will play the same set of games as the system he currently has but won't play new "Series S/X-exclusive" games in the future.

    The newest ones coming out in November is the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X.  Both will be backward compatible with the Xbox One games he already has and will play the new games in the future.

    The S is a digital-only version so if he has discs he won't be able to use them.  It's less powerful so some people wonder how future-proof it is compared to its older sibling.

    The X will be the best upgrade over what he currently has.  It will play all of his old games and play any new games with the best possible resolution and frame rates out of all Xbox systems.  This will be the most expensive.

    Series S and X will likely be hard to find this holiday season.

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