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I spend too much help!?

I’m 19 and I only have two bills, 115 for phone and 150 for my part of rent. I have 3400 currently and and about to start working again serving. 

I keep buying clothes and buy food to often. Whenever I want or need something I just get it. I already paid next months rent. I feel it’s been to easy because I see no consequences to my actions. I just bought 160 winter boots and 280 on clothes (my excuse is it’s getting cold out). Can I get some advice? I’m starting college in January btw.

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    Get all of your clothes and footwear out.  Pile it all on the bed and sort it all out.  Then you will see how much stuff you actually have.  You can then see whether you really need something, or just want it.  You might discover things you had forgotten about, or find you have more than one of the same item.  Make a rule - only buy something if you don't have it, or if similar to something you already have, only buy when the other item is worn out.  Then set yourself a budget. When you start working, try not to dip into your savings.  Work out how much to save for rent, phone and food   each week/month.  What you have spare (if anything), if you can, start a savings account.  Even $10 a month will add up over time and you can then treat yourself to something once in a while.  Start on this path now and it will help in the future.  Few people manage to win the lottery, or marry someone rich.  Most of us have to get by on what we earn, so learning to live within your means really helps in the lean times.

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    Get a non-contract phone and don't use data (wifi only when possible).

    Shop at Goodwill and thrift stores.  Only buy what you need.  Wear things until they wear out.

    Refocus your obsession with buying to an obsession w/ saving

    Don't order carryout; if you can't cook, buy frozen or box dinners when on sale.  Pack a lunch.

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    Only you can make a conscious decision to buy something or not.  There really isn't any advice that someone can give you to force yourself to save your money.

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    Advice:  learn the difference between to & too (and two).

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    Sure - stop buying things you don't need.

    If having access to money is an issue, move your pay as soon as you get it into a savings account you can't spend from. 

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    Stop buying stuff. Or only buy stuff where you have 90 days to return it even if its worn. (Like walmart)  You should be able to get a phone for a lot less.

    You might consider only keeping so much available with the rest at an online bank account or something.

    Read about the miracle of compounding and see how much saving and investing now can mean when you get older. (A lot)

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