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Would the poll tax have been more than council tax ?

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    I really don't know, but rest assured, there are just two certainties in life - taxes and death.   Either will eventually get you, one way or another.

  • About the same, I suspect. 

    Margaret Thatcher introduced it, but the Labour Party promised to abolish it after widespread rioting.

    However, they simply changed the name to COUNCIL TAX which meant everyone still had to pay.

    Previously, we had the rates system so the people who owned the property paid the tax which is a fairer system. 

  • With the poll tax, everyone pays the same.  With council tax, how much you pay depends on the size of your house.  Since both had to fund the same thing, there are winners and losers.  When poll tax was introduced, people on the lowest incomes were a lot worse off and there were riots.  To placate them, Thatcher increased VAT from 10% to 17% with central government subsidising local authorities so that poll tax could be reduced.  So the whole business is a lot more complicated than your question.

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