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Do you believe that athletes will come out of the pandemic having developed a greater appreciation for fans?

Since they will have gone a year or more without many or if any fans in attendance. 

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    I think many will but I also think many of the high-profile ones that are known for self-promotion and "activist" attitudes may slide further to the "all about me" side of the spectrum.

    I know several teachers and instructors in various places where schools and things like children's sports, music and dance programs have been allowed to reconvene and all report the same thing:  Many kids are having difficulties readjusting to real world social interaction.

    Teachers are reporting a large number of kids unable to follow rules, interact with others and behave appropriately.  It appears that months of "remote learning" has not only stunted their social skills, but also conditioned them to think that the real world is defined by the same rules as the virtual and social media ones... They want to express their feelings on the subject matter instead of discussing the actual subject matter, they want to prepare scripted responses instead of engaging is spontaneous conversation and they cannot seem to advance in a conversation without getting step-by-step affirmation.

    By nature star athletes and celebrities already have years of "all about me" conditioning, but I think we're likely to see this to an even greater degree....especially among the "social justice" crowd.

    As a "hot button" media topic, these athletes have been lavished with attention and affirmation, and I believe many are developing the mindset that THEY (not the fans) are the "consumer."  I think you'll see a lot of athletes acting like it's the fan's duty to affirm them....and if they don't I think they'll respond with similar hostility as the kids returning to school

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    Not really but they'll be glad to have the fans back.

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