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Do Western left wingers think Singapore civilised, as it does not accept refugees?


Left wingers...do you, or not?

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    --  Singapore is a beautiful city with modern skyscrapers, good education of its people, good healthcare and extremely clean. It is extremely civilized and generally approved by most people of varying political beliefs. The only problem with Singapore is that it has a "fairly" democratically elected one-party dictatorial government that hates criticism.

    --  Singapore has always had a policy of not taking refugees. Following the Second Indochina (Vietnam) War, Singapore only allowed "Boat People" refugees (mostly brought by the German ship, the "Cap Anamur"), to transit in the country in a small camp until UNHCR found resettlement placements in other nations.

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    You do realise that Singapore is a nation based upon refugees, don't you? They have four official languages.

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    Singapore is highly civilised, much more so than countries like the US. People are educated and they follow rules, which is why it is a safe and clean country. They should not accept refugees if they want to keep it that way. 

    By the way, Singapore had only 12 new covid cases today in the whole country. 

    The US had 55,000. That shows what a good government with rules, and sensible people can do. 

  • Western right-wing governments accept refugees 

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    It's not a democracy, and  America won't be either if I'm re-elected! MAGA!

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