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Ideas are just a multiplier of execution?

What does that mean

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Nothing - it is a nonsense sentence.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Execution is turning an idea into something concrete.

    I might have an idea for a novel, or a business, but until that idea is executed (the book written, the business operating), that's all it is, an idea. It might be a terrible idea, in which case even if it's executed it has no value, but depending on how good the idea is, its worth upon execution is multiplied.

    So if my idea for a novel is stupid and derivative, clearly a copy of a popular novel someone else wrote, it's not multiplied by much on execution. I probably can't even get an agent.

    But if my idea's pretty good and I write the novel reasonably well, not only can I get an agent but they can try to sell it to a publisher, no guarantees. The higher quality of the idea multiplies its worth upon execution.

    And when my idea is freakin' brilliant and I write the novel reasonably well, I can get an agent and s/he can sell to a big name publisher, for sure. Maybe there's even a bidding war! The top quality idea is greatly multiplied--but only once it's executed.

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