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Why can’t I just enjoy my life like every other normal person ? ?

So I have this problem where I always end up getting depressed over every little thing if someone even looks at me a certain way it makes me feel horrible ! However on social media it’s worst for instance if I post a pic that doesn’t get enough likes in a certain amount of time I delete it & will become depress because certain people didn’t react to my post it sounds stupid I know TRUST ME , but I will go into a deep depression for hours / days over those types of situations. Also for instance if I have a friend that didn’t text me or if I haven’t heard from them all day I start to think maybe they cut me off because I’m boring or they think I’m just not attractive or something It’s just so exhausting mentally & physically I feel like a psychotic loser I’m always depressed , single , no friends , I basically spend most of my time alone & when I’m around others my moods always switches up which makes me look even more crazier to other people. I barely go out in public , because I’m afraid of being judged or laughed at also it seems like everywhere I go I’m getting stared at by everyone & it hurts my feelings because in my mind they’re staring because they think I’m weird or look weird. If I do go somewhere with my family somewhere I almost never get out of the car ! I just feel like my life is no good , because no matter how hard I try I never enjoy myself like EVER. It’s getting to the point where I even imagine myself committing suicide & having suicidal thoughts. I’ve hadIt

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