Is the private sector worse than working for the government? ?

I've just about had it with my current job.

Despite the fact that I work for one of the country's most recognized law firms, it's actually run poorly. For example, management refuses to hire new people to relieve the amount of referrals we have to do. People drop like flies at that place. 

I use to work for Los Angeles Superior Court and for the County of Los Angeles. Both places I worked as a student worker and a student professional worker 1. When I worked for superior court, my job duties were very similar to what I do now. Only difference is I had to call attorneys to ask if they could pro-tem for various courtrooms throughout la county. We had no freaking quota or had emails sent saying you're behind for this time of day. 

After I left the courts I went on to work for the county. I had to close appeals once the appeals analyst's was finished working on the appeal. No quota, no bs emails or any of that sh!t.

I wanted to work for the private sector because I thought it would be better. It's not. We have to bring our own note pads, highlighters, pencils, sharpeners etc. They don't take care of their employees like the county did and like the courts did. 

I also noticed that my current job doesn't do anything to promote employee morale. It's always your not getting this done your behind on your referrals. And it's not just me that gets that. Everyone in the referrals section has told me they get the same thing because management tends to only cares about the numbers. 


Granted, if I only closed 8 cases from 8am to 5pm then management would be like what the heck are you doing? But there was no quota or bs emails. On average I closed about 20 cases a day. With the courts, it was like referrals. Some attorneys would just not be able to sit but it was getting your head chewed up like with referrals. 

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Are you going to answer my question. 

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    It varies from firm to firm, but I have never had to use my own supplies.  Sometimes, I have chosen to do so, but I was not asked to.  Some firms are run well and some are run poorly, some very poorly.  Don't give up on your first bad one.  Some are great places to work, with great lawyers who are advocates for their clients.  I've seen bad ones too, who undermine their clients, because they have their own agenda - just one of those actually.  Give it another shot and before you accept, ask around about their reputation.  Stay clear if there are red flags.

  • Eva
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    You've been complaining about this job for months. The public sector may not pay as well, but they usually have better benefits. Instead of whining, start looking for openings in the government sector.

  • Robert
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    1 month ago

    Do you know why the call it work?   If you can't hack it, find something that you are capable of doing.  The do pay you when you go to work right?   So what's the problem.  If you went in and they made you do things for free, I'd feel bad for you.  They pay you, so stop whining and do what you're supposed to do during the hours you are paid to work.  If it's too much,, find another job.   It's not up to your employer to make sure you have fun working.  And that's why they call it "work" and not "social".

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