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Could ANYONE give me good life advice?

 I'm only 16, but still I keep thinking over and over again of what will I do once I get out of high school, what's my future gonna be like, what will happen to my parents, am I really going to be able to achieve anything? I'm really upset and exhausted every single day because of these thoughts, but I have no idea how to replace this with something positive. PLEASE HELP ME!

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    Take one day at a time. Do not rush into what the future holds for we do not know what tomorrow holds so worry about today. This constant worry will eventually drive you into a mental breakdown. Some may call it the early stages of anxiety. Reality about your life depends on how you treat yourself. Do not become so caught up with the future. Enjoy your 16 and make tentative plans for your future. Make a journal of what you would like to do. If going to college is what you feel is what will make your life seem complete than attend college. If you have to take a walk onto a college campus and see if you can see yourself being there getting a college degree. If getting a job after high school and no college than go and find a job that you may enjoy and visit that company and see if it's what you desire. I am going to assume next year you will be 17 and that's a bit scary because that means you will have to learn how to be responsible. It's okay to have these mixed feelings. Every person deals with this kind of questioning about their life. If going to college is for you than you will struggle with leaving your parents unless there is a college in the city you live but if you decide to go someplace else than leaving your parents will be a challenge. Once you get the hang of being responsible than all these thoughts will go away. Do not overthink things for it's bad, seriously. Just take a moment of what you feel you would like to do. Take your time. Have fun.

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    We aren’t mental health professionals and we don’t know you personally. All you’re going to get on here is a bunch of people who want to sound really motivating and think they would make great motivational speakers but in reality would make people even more depressed. So if you need help with something then seek a professional not just post online for cheap advice from who even knows who probably a bunch of punk *** trolls 

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    I could but I don't you are bright or serious enough to take it seriously.  If you were you wouldn't be crying for attention here over and over anonymously.

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    When my housemate of almost 2 years left to go back to her country after her graduation, I felt lonely, empty and confused.

    I always thought I was independent and didn't really need anyone. I had taken my housemate for granted. She was the only one that truly cared about me and tolerated my nonsense. She was a friend. A phenomenal friend. The type you would fight with and then moments later she comes to confide in you, cry with you, hug you and laugh it out. A sister is what they call it, I guess. The rare kind you don't find these days.

    But I never realized that until she was gone. I complained a lot. I complained about my lovely friend, about life and just pretty much about everything.

    Albeit I had too many friends, none of them were close. Not because I couldn't have close friends but because I deliberately chose not to. Having close friends felt like a commitment I wasn't ready for. I was too miserable. Everyone seemed to be happy and enjoying life except me. My social life was close to non-existence.

    My excuse to myself was that I am too ambitious for everyone else. I was trying to focus on building a bright future whilst they were busy on doing the juvenile stuff.

    And then one day, shortly after my housemate left, I fell sick. I was so sick that for the first time in my life I was incapable of getting up to shower for atleast 2 days. For atleast one week, I stayed in bed feeling weak and lifeless. During that period, nobody called to ask my whereabouts, despite being a regular in every university class.

    It was then that I realized that I was alone. So alone and I might die alone. I thought of all the friends I had and how not a single one of them bothered to ask. At first, I became furious. Soon after that I realized that I had done this to myself.

    I was too angry of a person, too negative, too complicated; a result of holding grudges from being hurt in the past. I had worn the title of a victim for too long. Victimizing myself made me too weak and propelled people away from me. There were people that loved me and truly cared about me but I was never able to see it because I was too absorbed in my world. My housemate was one of those. I wish I could re-live my days with her.

    Coming to terms with this reality not only opened my eyes and ears but it also opened my heart and mind. There are good people out there. Not everyone’s aim out there is to hurt you.

    So if there is any advice I have for you is that you stop victimizing yourself. When you know and accept your flaws, nobody can ever use them against you. Be open to life, to experiencing new things and to making new friends. These may be the best years of your life. Don't waste them being miserable

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