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In your opinion, what is the best type of diet for dogs and why?

By type of diet I'm referring to:

- Kibble/dry

- Canned

- Semi-moist

- Raw

- Home cooked

- Mixture (please explain)

- Other

I would prefer health over convenience 


Um, if you make your dog be vegan, you're a c*nt

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    • "In your opinion, what is the best type of diet for dogs and why?"

    😊Simple: The diet that canids evolved for, developed sharp fangs to kill, and strong molars to grind bones with: WHOLE raw animal. Occasionally supplemented by raw plants.

    However, although cats are genetically required to be carnivorous (= eat ONLY animal proteins. Note: The article below denies that claim), canids CAN survive as omnivores (= eat both animal proteins and plant proteins).

    Dog owners who feed both animal proteins AND plant proteins to their dogs should ensure that there is at least 4 hours - preferably 6 - between the 2 kinds of protein. The reason is dietary effects that no answerer so far has mentioned: stomach pH and urine acidity - factors which are STRONGLY affected by whether the protein digested is mainly animal or mainly vegetable. I think it is the New Guinea Singing Dog that is unlikely to get ANY mammal protein during its lifespan. takes a l-o-n-g time to work through - during which you are likely to forget what various abbreviations mean that are explained only once but are USED many, many times in different sections. I recommend that you write down at least:

    AA =

    CP =

    ME =

    pH =

    RCTs =

    and record their expansions/importance/meanings the first time the article uses them. There are many others you might need to look up then write down.

    It also makes some statements that it later appears to refute. In other words, it pays to start that article when you have PLENTY of peaceful time in which to concentrate on and consider the article.

    King Les The Lofty - first pup in 1950, GSD trainer & breeder as of Easter 1968

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Vegan, me little gobshout!

  • 3 months ago

    I have been told most dogs are sensitive to Chicken so it is best to avoid it. 

  • 3 months ago

    I think the best would be feeding raw but the cost is cost prohibitive.  Dogs just really thrive on a raw diet.  The next would be the dry kibbles.  It is formulated just for dogs, with everything they need in it. Plus, it helps keep the plaque from forming on the teeth.  Feeding dry & hard food & treats have kept my dogs teeth clean.  Of course there is a wide variety of dry kibbles & some dogs are allergic to the grains in cheaper dog food.  Then you would need to get some grain free so the dog is not allergic to its food.

    I am not feeding grain free cause my dogs are not allergic to the grains & the grains are just fillers.  Fillers are nothing new, we have lots of foods that have fillers & additives that we eat.  So it is kibbles/dry

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  • Amber
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    3 months ago

    Mine is home cooked because she is 18 and has a low immune system, so the vet recommended switching a few years ago. I've noticed zero change her in from switching from raw to cooked. I haven't noticed what dog's get fed seems to make much difference to them at all. My mum's dog was fed a basic commercial food (medium price) and lived to 16, which is old for a German shepherd. I've seen nothing to convince me raw is best. Noticed no difference in my dog's health when I changed from commercial to raw. I found it a waste of money and time. Stressful and expensive to keep ensuring my dog had everything she needed. I worked long hours and didn't have time for that crap. She liked the raw bones but seemed to prefer her meat cooked. She kept leaving her raw food. So switched her back to normal bought food. And tried again years later when I had more time and knowledge (in the form of a dietitian). To help me make a diet that suited her. Still she didn't seem keen on raw and kept leaving her meals. I stuck with it but she just didn't seem keen. Switched to cooked and BINGO. I steam her veg as recommended by the dietitian and cooked her meat so it's done but not over done. She never leaves a piece. And it worked out better for her immune system in the long run.

    What's best is literally on what's best for the dog. Someone people can't commitment to a raw diet and it's costly. If so, it's better to feed a commercial food than have a malnourished dog. In my experience feeding raw vs commercial (medium to high range) has made no difference on the health, life, quality of teeth of any dog I've known. 

    That's my opinion and experience, I know the raw food enthusiasts wont like it but...I go on my own experiences not "experts" on the internet who are only going from their experience. If it works for others and their pets amazing. Raw didn't work for us. My dog eats a diet that is suggested by a dietitian and also prepared in the way she said, not a google recommended diet as many people switch to raw after reading internet pages convincing you it's better. Most of them don't know what they are doing and for me, no one knows more about what to feed a dog than someone qualified and educated in that area specifically. You have to work with the dog a bit. Too much misinformation on the internet for my liking. I saw one youtuber showing us how she made her dogs daily meal. All she feed it each day was chicken breast, white rice, carrots, sweet potato, blue berries and broccoli. No bones, no organs, no changed in meat and not prepared in the best way (all over boiled). Not a good idea. Hardly any goodness there at all for a long term recipe. 

  • Maxi
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    3 months ago

    Raw (meat/organs/fish)

    A natural diet of foods which ensures the dog is healthy and eating what is needs

  • 3 months ago

    Raw and bone or prey model if fed correctly........ I know where the meat/organs are from ( reared locally) all they eat is used by their body so very little 'waste' ,dogs have a highly functioning immune system so healthy

  • ?
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    3 months ago

    Best diet is the one that suits the individual dog.

    If stools are firm and without any mucus or undigested food, then what the dog is eating, suits the dog.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Other than our very first hound, who I fed breast of lamb, or various offal, plus 'terrier meal' (biscuits), mine were always fed a good quality complete with a small amount of tinned meat mixed in for smell and flavour.   I'd never feed just canned dog food as it's 80% moisture.   And I've never gone the raw diet totally as I've never felt qualified enough to be sure I'm feeding a balanced raw diet.   Plus to be honest, when we had numbers, dry complete (not cereal-based) was more convenient, and financially viable.   Mine lived well above the norm for the breed (with one or two exceptions - cancer) with minimal vet visits (until my recently departed boy who wasn't bred by me).

    Home cooked - I did occasionally home -feed when needed, but not long-term as again, it wasn't properly balanced.

    Add -   To whoever decided to TD my answer.   I have answered according to MY VIEW ABOUT THIS.  It's my business alone and if you, TD-er, don't like it, move on!  This is MY OPINION based on what has worked for my hounds over many, many years.

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    home cooked and it works out cheaper too. U can also make it as healthy as u want so your pet will last for many years and cuts back on visits to the vet. I used to cook it up and put in freezer and take out as wanted. I used lean meat, frozen cubes vegetables and brown rice. U can also give them one meal of good quality biscuits which will help nutrtition. 

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