Yahoo Comments fake reasons for pulling it. ?

When I tried to reason why Yahoo pulled their comment section away from their frontpage I saw their reasoning for it and felt a punch to my gut.  Because who the hell cares what other peoples opinions are. Or do they?  Hmm...  I think people do want to read other's opinions on subjects are just as I do.  But now that I gathered my own evidence about Yahoo's pathetic reason as to why they removed it, I realized that they can't be transparent and still control the narrative.  Think about it, has Yahoo ever said one pro-Trump verb, adjective, or noun about him? Have you ever heard anything negative about Biden, even though his son was caught with a red herring in his pocket?   They need to ensure that salt stays in the wounds by removing any feedback. There are so many Yahoo articles that require a cold slap in the face that it pains me that the public was spat in the face when it came to a end.  But I did find out that Yahoo controls the monopoly.  Edge uses MSN, which also favors left wing rhetoric.  For example, ex mayor Rudy Giuliani has evidence that the Biden's are crooked. But instead his proof is being censored in the left wing news and the left are pulling out all the stops to involve him in a character assassination made up scandal. 

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    I think they are afraid of any conservative having done their homework and sharing it with potential swing voters, look I've voted democrat in the past and republican, records speak louder than promises, liberals are finding out they cant buy all votes, so silencing the opposition is the next logical step.


  • 1 month ago

    It is Canada. More hate laws than free speech. Free speech is free speech. 

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    To stifle the opposition.  (But you already knew that.)

    I used skip the poorly written,extremely biased articles and go straight to the comments section.

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    It's been widely reported that Yahoo pulled the comments because they were tired of seeing so many conservative-leaning comments which called out their radical blatant liberal bias in ALL their "news articles."  So being typical liberals, they shut it down...  Also in an election year in which they are desperately trying to elect Biden, they didn't want any undecided people seeing any opposing opinions.

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  • 1 month ago

    Yahoo has clearly gone LIBERAL SOCIALIST and also supports BLM ( it's on their homepage ) AND ANTIFA; what's brazen is they're NOT hiding this!!

    Yahoo says they're "temporarily" shutting down public opinion comments; I'm thinking till AFTER the POTUS election IF Biden wins ( likely NEVER IF Trump prevails for 4 more years ). It's obvious why: Immense SUPPORT FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS RESONATING LOUDLY EVERYWHERE ON YAHOO!!

    Interestingly enough, there was A LOT OF SUPPORT FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP ON YAHOO GROUPS.....which is quickly shutting down as well, to no surprise.

    It was getting too hard for those LIBERAL "opinion polls" for Biden to show him ahead---when the contrary was being splashed all over Yahoo!! 


  • 1 month ago

    I do not disagree

    but I think it was easy as in "response" had a weak security point and lots of bots hit it.. 

    as for the liberal left wing leaning of yahoo... YES but that is what yahoo is totally no surprise 

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    Who cares about Yahoo! You know there was once a time when people had to read news from a newspaper, and there was no comments section. For many years people had to read the news without opening their big opinionated mouth. Too many loud people these days. I guess we have to read the news and actually think about it now, instead of just automatically emoting publicly. Oh the horror!!!!

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    I would say it has absolutely nothing to do with politics in that sense but more to do with a poorly-thought through committee-type decision by people who have lost the plot.  Their interpretation of comments was primarily negative - that they mainly acted as a troll magnet.  My understanding is that they allow feedback and clarification, more than just a simple thumbs-up or thumbs-down.

    I have to be frank with you about the content of your question:  it strikes me that the actual decision to remove comments without a clear explanation is not detailed enough and vague in such a way as to allow projection of unwarranted conclusions.  I personally wouldn't do that because there just isn't enough information to go on.  If I did, my ideas would probably focus on them being a giant faceless corporate entity, which is the kind of thing Trump would be in favour of FWIW.

  • 1 month ago

    They pulled it because it became toxic. Especially in politics. I don't blame them. It's an answer forum not a chit chat community. If I ran a website and saw such toxicity and negativity taking place, I'd pull it too. 

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