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San asked in Society & CultureLanguages · 1 month ago

Do these sentences mean the same thing?

The man kept speaking incoherently, and ...

A. ... the doctor couldn't recognize a sentence.

B. ... the doctor couldn't understand a sentence.


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    1 month ago
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    No native speaker would express that idea in that way.

    Most native speakers would say:  "The man kept on speaking incoherently, and the doctor couldn't understand a word".

    Some native speakers might omit 'on' after 'kept'.  But "couldn't understand a word" is almost a fixed expression in English.  Certainly nobody would use 'sentence' in that context.

    The other possibility is:  "...couldn't understand a word he was saying."

    The answer by Clickvalley seems not to address what you are asking about.

  • 1 month ago

    They do not all mean the same thing. The first sentence says to the listener that they are not great - and the reason they are not is that they know many things. The second means that they are great, but not because if that. However, it is not optimally phrased.

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