what is gypsum plastering?

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    I used to haul gypsum board on my tractor trailer. I also did up several houses in the stuff. I also had a motorcycle repair shop at one time. Therefore, he is asking the question in the right forum.

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    Sounds like somebody is getting cheap and not buying "plaster of paris"  but is buying the softer "ready mixed gypsum" and using that instead.

    . In houses they use to use plaster on the walls which dried to a HARD white finish.

    . Since the 60's they stopped with the lath and wire and cement that went down first to make the wall & finish with white plaster. and moved to gypsum board commonly referred to as drywall or sheet rock or Gyproc.  Which is a layer of paper laid down and then a wet slurry of gypsum is poured on and then a white paper is put on top and the sandwich is sent between rollers to produce a certain thickness sheet.  Somewhere in the process it is heated so the moisture is cooked out. Modern houses use gyproc(jip-rock) which is 1 company of many making the same boards .   It is like plywood have mill stamping on them but they are all plywood.

    Plaster walls are cold and freaking hard...resistant to a thumbtack.

    Gypsum board is warmer and softer, you can stick a pin into it and it will hold up a(in my case an antennae from the short wave.  Thumb tack works too but it is not long enough so I used a pin.

    Plaster sometimes is not put on perfectly smooth on a ceiling so there are valleys.  They hide that with the thick stipple they put on. giving you a textured ceiling.

    . Plaster has the nasty habit of cracking.

    Drywall doesn't.

    Gypsum mud can be used over plaster as they essentially are the same thing. Gypsum dries faster.  Once a couple coats of paint is on it is hard enough for a wall.

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    Well?  Since you are on 'Motorcycles' forum site: Throw a leg over a motorcycle, ride to Gypsum, Colorado (about 2.5 hours West of Denver on I-70)  , and 'all will become apparent'! 

     There was (not my visit witness) a sole economic base factory where they add paper to the only indigenous product in the entire area. 

     If memory is correct: the entire area fails life support of a jack rabbit!

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    its not motorcycles . Wrong forum. Try google it knows 

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    Can be the old-fashioned lath-and-plaster. Just smeared on and forced between thin boards nailed  to the studs, called "laths". It is supposed to ooze out and lock in the plaster. The ceilings were often ornate, hand-plastered into patterns. You can see how it was done if you watch :"The Munsters:" when a wall comes down. Or "Three Stooges" when they attempt to wire a telephone.

    Modern Gypsum board,  as some call it, is a sandwich of hardened plaster between   cardboard  Cut to size and nailed-up. The surface and edges are still plastered before painting. 

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    Same as plastering. Gypsum is the raw material used in plaster.

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    WRONG FORUM. Not related to MOTORCYCLES. Fail. Try again.

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    Here's a video that talks about it.


    Youtube thumbnail

    It definitely doesn't have anything to do with motorcycles.

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     plasterboard commonly found on internal walls, 

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