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stats mean difference?

The American Veterinary Association claims that the annual cost of medical care for a dog has a mean of $100 with a standard deviation of $30, while the annual cost of care for a cat has mean $120 and standard deviation of $35.

Give the mean of the difference in annual cost between one cat and one dog (do as cat cost - dog cost). Enter as dollars to the nearest cent (i.e. 10.91)

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  • Alan
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    when adding or subtracting  

    like distributions 

    the means add and subtract 


    the variance add. 

    (cat - dog) mean =   120-100 = $20.00  

     so the answer to your question is simply $20.00 

    or Twenty dollars 

    but the variance  =  30^2 + 35^2 =  2125 

    new standard deviation = sqrt(variance) = sqrt( 2125) = $46.09772229

    or $46.10 rounded to the nearest penny

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