Is it better to just chase the money for a job?

I have a stable job and it’s pretty easy but the problem is it’s too slow to move up and it’s boring. The pay is very low despite them having so much minimum requirements to even get this job and my managers are super picky yet they can’t understand why turnover is so high. I’ve been in this dead end job for 4 years. I got promoted in title without an increase in pay and my managers are lazy and careless about our goals when we discuss them in meetings. I’m already getting too complacent and the lazy manager environment is starting to rub off on me which is not good in the long run. I am willing to work hard and I saw a few jobs offering almost double what I currently make yet their minimum requirements are so low compared to my current job. It’s the same time of work and I will probably be bored and it probably lacks growth but the pay they are offering is much more generous so maybe it’s best for me to just take any boring job to the highest bidder because I gave up on my dreams long long ago I know people say follow your passion but we do not live in an ideal world where everyone gets to make a good living from their passion. I’ve already turned from an optimistic human being to a corporate robot who no longer cares about my life.

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    If you don't care about your career, nobody else will. You should have read the writing on the wall years ago. You should have been looking years ago. Make sure you go for jobs you qualify for & do NOT sell yourself short. Life's too short to be unhappy, unfulfilled, disinterested. Leave schlock jobs to unambitious & unqualified losers.

  • 1 month ago

    I really don’t understand. If you don’t like your job, change jobs. If you want more pay, change your job. I honestly don’t understand much point in your question. But the choosing is yours. You could change jobs and hate the people in your new job. Not easy!

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