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Why did my iPhone charge so fast?

So basically I have an iPhone 8, and I left it plugged overnight. It didn’t charge for some reason, so I plugged it in again. An hour later it went from 14% to 100% and the battery isn’t draining quickly. What does this mean? Should I replace my battery?

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    Based on this information it's likely one of these 3 issues.

    1.  Charger tripped internal safeguards and shutdown.  It could be a sign your charger is going bad.

    2.  Small short in your lightning cable. These wear out and will start to do things types of things before they stop working.

    3.  Dirty lighting port.  Dust builds up in your lightning port which can prevent the phone from charging.

    Regardless your iPhone 8 is capable of charging wirelessly and maybe this is a good excuse to go out and get a Qi wireless charger.  

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