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Which US Presidents were not racist?

Which ones have statues that are safe from BLM and Antifa  ?


Which US Presidents truely believed that all races are equal ?

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    Bill Clinton

    In WW2 FDR said No African American will ever Receive the medal of Honour for any deed in WW2

    Truman supported this so did Eisenhower and ever5 President until Clinton who Presented the well deserved Presidential Medal Of Honour to Living and Deceased African American Heroes from WW2


    Now watch the Racists thumbs down

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    Does President Obama have a statue?

    I think no one is free of the taint of racism. We grew up learning to fear people who are "not like us", and to hate them because we fear them. We say, "The Jews are taking over the nation" when a bank turned down our business loan application or foreclosed on our house or repossessed our car, just because we think of Jews as money mavens. Or at least we believe it because Henry Ford believed it, and he was the genius inventor of the Model-T (the affordable American car) and a good Midwestern American  "apple pie" pure-and-simple man of the people who grew up on a farm and could square dance well. I am sure that Mr  Ford was a good man otherwise. He had a few Germans on staff who were not so good whom he depended too much upon. He loved his childhood friend Edsel, so to him anyone who was German, like Edsel, deserved his trust.

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