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Is there assistance with baby supplies in NC?

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    Not unless you're involved with a battered women's shelter. 

    Which you don't want and you can't get accepted into a BW shelter unless you were abused and he was arrested(creating court documents/proof of abuse).

    Sounds like maybe a baby isn't the best idea for you. Maybe wait?

    Theres stores like Once Upon a Child and you can google similar places. They have good quality, second hand baby clothing for super super cheap.

    You can get on WIC for formula, assuming you don't breast feed. Formula is very expensive, averaging about 300 a month or more. WIC will cover most, if not all of that. 

    Diapers, youre on your own. You might be able to weasel your way into a church and get 50 diapers a month from their diaper donation program(assuming they even have one). 50 diapers doesn't go far though. A newborn can go through 10 diapers a day or more. And don't try to "Save" diapers by not changing them everytime, thats mean and can result in terrible rashes.

    Diapers are expensive. 

    Invest in some parenting class first. None of this matters if you don't know what a baby does, needs, etc.  

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