Light spot on my laptop screen?

i have a lighter spot on my laptop screen. I've put some research into it but haven't been able to come up with a proper cause or anything. its just a slightly lighter blob at the bottom right corner of my screen (where the time/date display is on my task bar). it doesn't seem to be an internal problem per se because the spot turns a purplish on a white screen and when i shut my laptop off and turn it back on for awhile it goes away for awhile but always seems to come back. It only recently started showing up too, and I've had the laptop for a decent bit. Upon observation it seems to be something similar to a burn-in because it takes longer to appear when my taskbar isn't at the bottom of my screen. It also seems that when i have my laptop off for a longer amount of time it takes longer to appear. As an artist who does commissions its hard to keep my laptop off for long. Any idea of the cause and how to repair it?

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    a couple of the LEDs powering it have failed ... start researching for your next laptop -- this one is nearing the end of its useful life

  • 1 month ago

    Either your LCD assembly is damaged, e.g. something such as finger damaged it where the white spots are, or the white spots are caused by "burn in" - the same thing being displayed in the same place continuously for a long time.

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