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is there anything wrong with living in a world of your own?

i'm male, aged 42 i have paranoia and a personality disorder...and i'm a fantasist if that's the right word, i have a vivid imagination, and ive always tended to live in a world of my own fantasy....i have a handle on reality too, its just that i prefer to live in a world of my own.....which at times, makes me feel a bit 'out of it' comparison to other peoples lives......i'm also a recluse.

other things about me; i'm catholic, caucasian,  have a strong faith, come from a good respectable loving family.

is there anything wrong with who iam and my tendencies?

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    You have a bias against using capital letters too. 

    There is a couple who have written two books about their decision to live an Edwardian middle class lifestyle. Clothing, appliances, etc. as close as possible to 1890-1910. I am sure they study the literature about the era in England and America and are great authorities about everything that Edwardians experienced in their domestic lives. But I am also sure that they have had modern day healthcare and a modern day cellphone and computer. They prefer to live like the ancestors but they interact with the world of 2020. It is not a fantasy life.

    I don't think they are weird. I would not mind adapting some of my ways to theirs. But eccentricities come with problems. They have had to adapt to their neighbors and strangers thinking they are weird, and sometimes to exhibitions of  intolerance. The Amish and the Sikhs have had to live with unaccepting neighbours too. The Amish farmer is not unfamiliar with modern technology. He still has to grow a good crop or raise a healthy and productive herd of dairy cows and sell his products at a competitive price, so he balances the modern ways with his Amish values and modifies one or the other.

    In short, you can't shut out the world but you can do much of "your thing" within it. Just don't be too much of a recluse that you can't live at all in the present time and with the people around you. One day you may be in a nursing home, a hospital or another place where you have to do things "their way". It will be much harder on you if you don't know how.

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    Some possibly good ideas:

    Let your social services people know you'd prefer to resettle into a more bucolic town, perhaps nearer your parents or simply up North (with good social services nearby).

    Strengthen Church ties.

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