Is your Family Doctor avoiding you during the time od pandemic?

I do not know a lot of people, so I thought of asking here might help. My family doctor seems like avoiding me. I need prescription for my diabetes and he need to sign a form from my insurance but its been a month and whenever I call the clinic they said it has been signed yet. So I'm not sure if this is only happening because of this pandemic and its happening everywhere.. 

2 Answers

  • My doctor doesn't avoid me, but the clinic I go to is closed and has been since the start of the pandemic. I can how ever call the clinic, and get my doctor to call me if I need a prescription. 

    Maybe it's time to find a new doctor that won't 'avoid you', or one that call you if you need some thing.Call them again and remind them that you need the prescription to be signed. I'm in Canada. The pandemic is affecting every one on some level. 

  • Tavy
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    1 month ago

    Yes in the U.K., and we have free medical treatment. My friend cannot get her yearly blood test for diabetes, we are supposed to do zoom calls, they don't  want to see us.

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