What is the value of the expression?

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  • 1 month ago

    I believe I already gave you a method of solving this. Also, you still haven't picked a Favorite Answer to many of your prior questions. I'm hesitant to help you further.

    Like your other questions, this can be solved using the rules of logs and exponents.

    The first thing to notice is that raising something upon the base 2 and then taking the log of base 2 are inverse functions. The only problem is you have a 3 in the way.

    Use this rule of logs first:

    logₐ(x^p) = p logₐ x

    You want to use it in reverse to bring 3 inside the log:

    2^(3 log₂5)

    = 2^(log₂(5^3))

    = 2^(log₂125)

    Now cancel the raising upon the base 2 and the log base 2 and all you have left is:




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  • Ash
    Lv 7
    1 month ago


    = 2ᴸᵒᵍ₂⁵^³

    = 2ᴸᵒᵍ₂¹²⁵

    = 125

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