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Help with bed bug problem?

A co worker i had over my house has bedbugs really bad but didnt tell me and was over my house. She sat on my couch for a couple hours.. well a couple weeks after her visit i had fallen asleep on my couch and woke with bites on my arms. I freaked and thought maybe bed bugs so i searched my couch and found nothing. I figured some other bug... but a few nights later on the couch watching t.v. my arm started itching i look down and there was the bug. It was a bedbug! I immediatley grabbed my flashlight  and searched the crevices and eveey part of the couch but didnt see anything. Where could they be hiding??? What to do? I do not want these in my house

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    Go get some bed bug spray. They carry it at Wal Mart and Home Depot. Spray all of your furniture and wash all of your bedding on hot water, I would also suggest picking up a bed bug proof mattress protector pad

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