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Why did Superman duck when bad guy threw his gun at him?

In the old "Adventures of Superman", often George Reeves stand there when Shot at, but Ducks when gun thrown? Why? Isn't he "super" or rather Supposed to Look "super"?


 Have seen rubber guns thrown ay Reeves in some episodes. Still looked Stupider that he ducks in others. Maybe to have less camera time as a real gun "becoming rubber"  requires a camera break and substitution.

"Superman" created some special  effects that are still used, today.  Reeves fell once when wires broke. Said he'd  never do it, again. So, crew invented a "pan"; a  . belly scoop strapped to him with a pole that was off-camera. A hole cut in side of costume , of course, to strap it on.

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    The director had options.  One was to have Superman grab the thrown gun.  Maybe they tried that, but the actor just couldn't get the hang of it.

    The other is to let the gun hit Reeves and have it bounce off him, and they might have tried that, too, but saw that it looked stupid.

    Maybe you can think of other options, and maybe they also tried some of those.  Or, maybe they just didn't care.  They didn't have a big enough budget to worry about such details. 

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