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how are Cancer people similar to the behavior of a Crab?

when was this animal or crustacean associated with Cancer officially? and where? how has pervaded from that origin of place to become the symbol of Cancerians?

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    Cancer people don't.  Not a bad question though, but it assumes too much.  If we go back far enough into antiquity, great antiquity, this stuff becomes murkier and murkier. Exact places and dates are unknown and often just legends. The assumption that the constellation has the same or nearly the same significance at the time the star grouping was first noted as it does with a modern Sun sign book isn't accurate at all. The same is true for the animal lthe constellation is named for. The ancients didn't do Sun signs and they didn't give a rat's rear end about personalities.

    There is no "official" time in great antiquity or later when this happened.  Horoscopic Astrology was more or less codified in the Hellenistic Greek period, but existed in one form or other thousands of years prior to that usually as some form of omenology. The constellations predated the signs by a long, long time.

    The standard reference or one of them, is "Star Names, Their Lore and Meaning," by Richard Hinkley Allen, and it was first published in 1899. Reprints are easy to find. You can get the book for a complete history of the constellations and their predecessors, and individual fixed stars. 

    "In astrology, with Scorpio and Pisces [Cancer] was [in or part of] the watery trigon; and has been the house [this is correct terminology, but is often confused with the mundane houses, so think: sign] of the Moon, from the early belief that this luminary was located here at the creation."

    [what he means is that early astrologers believed the Sun was at zero Aries on the day of creation and the Moon was posited at the next cardinal sign, 0 Cancer]

    Allen was not an astrologer. He also gives pre-Ptolemaic names and descriptions.  The constellation Cancer marks the summer solstice or it did. Now the sign does, but the constellation doesn't contain anything brighter than 4th magnitude stars.  This is possibly associated with crab's (the animal) lack of obvious eyes. Very early astrology gives the sign/constellation a negative connotation.

    Contemporary astrologers love to associate mythology with the signs and planets and use that as a basis for the meanings of both.  Unfortunately for them, that isn't the way the delineations developed. By Ptolemy's day, and through the Renaissance, Cancer would be described as a cardinal, feminine, water sign, ruled by the Moon, and it's delineations would be taken from that. Ptolemy doesn't mention mythology. 

    You're going to have to do the research yourself to get a full answer to this question and you might want to brush up on your astrology history and knowledge before you try. EDIT:  WE know nothing?  I know nothing. LMAO!  No one here knows less than you do, Genius. Why didn't you give us the benefit of your years of study and answer the question?  I gave a reference book you never heard of, that costs more than your allowance, and brief explanation to a question that sailed over your head.  I'm sorry that your attention span is so limited that you need everything explained to you in single syllable words and short sentences, 

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    ORIGINALLY, the zodiac Signs described what constellations Sun appeared to be mmoving through at that time of year ... for Cancer, when Sun entered the sign of Cancer ... the constellation that looked like a Crab.

    Due to the precession of the equinox, Sun is no longer moving through the CONSTELLATION of Cancer during late June to late July ...  Sun's movement it changes slowly over the centuries, and now Sun moves through the constellation of Cancer from about mid-July to about mid-August.


    But it doesn't matter, because the astrological SIGNS are not the ASTRONOMICAL constellations.

    In astrology, the SIGN of Aries starts at the point of the Spring Equinox ... anywhere from Matrch 19 to March 21, depending on the year, and where on Earth you are at that moment (clock time depends on location).

    The first 30 degrees around the ecliptic (zodiac circle) are called "Aries", the second 30-degree segment is called "Taurus"  and so forth.  Even though Sun is no longer moving through those constellations at that time.

    "Signs" are NOT constellations, and "star sign" is a misnomer since we are not basing astrology off of stars but off of the Sun's movement and off of the seasons.

    So don't try to use the symbolism of the constellaitons to understand the zodiac Signs .. they are not connected.

    As for Cancer:

    Cancer is one of the 3 Water Signs, meaning the priority is on emotions.  But while their zodiac/Sun sign may be in Cancer, the individual may not have ANY of their OTHER 9 "planets" in Cancer .. nor in the other 2 Water Signs (Scorpio, Pisces), so they may have very LITTLE priority on emotions.

    Cancer is one of the 4 Cardinal Signs, so someone with a lot of planets in Cardinal Signs (any of those 4 Cardinal Signs) is good at taking action and seeing opportunities.  As opposed to Fixed Signs, whose strength is in hanging in there ... and Mutable Signs, whose strength is in adapting and changing. Again, Sun is not important for this .. you have to look and see where ALL10 "planets" are.

    And Sun is the ONLY "planet" whose location follows our calendar dates.

    Cancer is "ruled" by Moon, which is the planet which represents our emotional nature)(we ARE our 10 planets .. not our Signs).

    The Sun Sign is easy to find, so it is easy to sell to those who don't understandastrology.  But it is only 1 out 40 to 50 factors in an individual unique birthchart, so don't pay much atteniton to Sun Sign astrology ... that is like trying to figure out how someone looks when all you have is a photo of their left foot.

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    ACTUALLY THEY ARE VERY SWEET...ONE of my best friends is a Cancer...I call her sometimes.

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    Typical answer here is learn it yourself. They promote astrology and know nothing.

    No organization is going invest the money. Why bother when there’s enough people that never question? 

    There’s probably more actual research on crabs than astrology.

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