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Can I take iron supplements without checking my iron level?

For the last few months I have been feeling quite weak and sick. I looked up my symptoms and all of them match up to iron deficiency anemia. I would like to get my iron level tested, but as the corona situation is pretty bad in my country, I would like to avoid the hospital as much as possible. 

Anyway, can I take iron supplements without any prescription or having my level tested? Would it do any harm? 

Just to let you know, I have been having the following symptoms:

1. Excessive hairfall.

2. Palpitations and sometimes difficulty breathing. (I also have panic disorder and anxiety so it's quite confusing for me...)

3. Fatigue 

4. Sudden chills. 

5. Restless legs. 

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    You need to visit your family doctor and have him order the iron level and other tests.  Once the results are in, the doctor will tell you the results, and if low, he will give you the medicine you need, whether it "over-the-counter" medication or a prescription medicine.

    --  If the blood levels are not good, the doctor may send you to a specialist--   Haemotologists (blood doctor), a Kidney doctor, a diabetes doctor, a nutritionists, or one or more of several specialists that the blood test show you need to see.

    ++  FYI --  If you are a blood donor, the nurse will do a quick 10 second pin-prick blood iron level test before they can take blood. A male needs a reading over 12.5 and a female needs a reading above 11.0. Anything below those rteadings and they cannot take your blood, and will recommend you visit your doctor.

    ++  My Kidney doctor had, and still is, been monitoring my blood, including iron levels. It was she who sent me to a Haemotologist who diagnose a blood cancer (Multiple Myeloma) for which I had to have Chemotherapy and a bone strengthener. Three of my specialists (Kidney, diabetes, Haemotologist) monitor my blood with various tests, and consult each other closely as some medications I need clash with others

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    Don't diagnose yourself as you can't even get the symptoms to iron deficiency anemia right. See a doctor and don't take supplements that you do not need. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    dont take iron supplements without a doctor's test

    these symptoms dont need iron

    you need a well balanced nutritious diet

    with plenty of vegetable and fruits

    take a multivitamin mineral supplement

    take two eggs at breakfast

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    sounds like u need a doctors appointment.

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    The doctors who have trained for years in analyzing iron are not sitting in their offices doing nothing. Pick up a phone, and make an appointment.  Primary care doctors often diagnose and treat iron-deficiency anemia. These doctors include pediatricians, family doctors, gynecologists/obstetricians, and internal medicine specialists.

  • Tavy
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    1 month ago

    None of that is anemia, I had it after an operation and I was desperately tired and dizzy.

    You need to be tested.

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    1 month ago

    Yes as you would just pee out any excess 

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