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I’m afraid he’s going to leave after this miscarriage?

Me and him have been involved for a few months and when I found out I was pregnant he was willing to step up and be a dad. At first I did not want him involved because we were together and I didn’t like how he treated me before I got pregnant which stressed him out because he wanted to be a family. I gave him a chance and we then considered ourselves to be a couple and become a family with our baby. I had a miscarriage and he cried so hard and just was just sick. He spent some time with me that day and then turned different the next few days. I told him I was afraid he was gonna leave and let me be alone through this in which he says that’s not the case. But he’s saying he needs to destress and think about things after what happened which scares me because I don’t want to lose him. I don’t know what to do or how to feel.

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    Sounds like the miscarriage was a blessing in disguise. You don't want a family with a guy like him. 

    Miscarriage is difficult but you can and you will move on. 

    Plus this guy doesn't sound safe. You've only been "involved"(which doesn't sound stable) for a brief period of time and hes already created a history of not treating you well. He should be shining your shoes still(honeymoon phase).

    Please work on your self esteem. 

    Also whats the rush in having a family so early? Be together for a year or two first. Babies are very permanent. 

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    You didn't like the way he treated you before being pregnant  and now you don't want to lose him? Shame about the miscarriage but probably a way to escape from someone who didn't treat you well before - if he does want to stay with you it is only to get you pregnant again so he can be a daddy, move on without him.

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    You didn't like the way he treated you then.

    I don't like the way he's treating you now.

    You might be better off losing him. Don't contact him and see what happens.

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