is it best to delete pc games "shortcut windows" that show up on you're home screen from steam?

i do not mean deleting the actual games,but the windows, or whatever there called when you click on them. games from steam. becuase im not sure if they take up space or not, when i can just click on the steam icon and go to my game library. what is best to do?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    While shortcuts does utilize a nominal amount of space (generally a few bytes that's hiding within Windows), it's so small that it's virtually nothing.  It would take hundreds to thousands of shortcuts to make a visible dent (we're talking a handful of KB's) in storage.

    The best course of action is the NOT allow the games to place a shortcut on your desktop (or in your Start Menu) in the first place, just by unchecking those boxes when you choose to install the desired games.

  • shortcuts,    dude they take next to nothing worth of space and they make finding a specific game/program easy...what i do though instead of having them all over the desktop and making it really untidy, i placed them all inside a folder, thus instantly cleaning up the desktop, as well now i can also use the search function and instantly find any program..then double click it and the program starts along with steam or w/e auxillery program maybe associated with it..

  • 4 weeks ago

    I don’t think they take up space, and if they do it’s a very small amount. That said if you have 100+ steam games like me it soon becomes ridiculous to have all the shortcuts up. You can delete them. And for the future, every time you install a game there’s a box that asks if you want a shortcut, you can uncheck that box and never have to deal with them again. 

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