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Do you think I'm too young to have a baby at 23?

I broke up with my narcissistic ex boyfriend in October of 2019. In late January 2020 right before all this COVID stuff I started dating someone that I've known for a couple of years as an acquaintance we went to community college together when I was 20. I'm still heartbroken over the break up with my ex narc but this new guy is the love of my life and I feel really sure even though we've been together for almost 9 months. He is so good to me, he's a member of the latter day saints church, his family loves me and he worships me, he even made a pinterest page to share love quotes with me, he's my prince charming.

I graduate in June 2021 from UCCS with a ba in psychology so I'm almost finished. My boyfriend has a nice apartment and an associates degree in management and he works at a factory that makes parts for planes. We plan to get married before the baby comes. I live with my parents for now.

I'm half mexican and people in my family have babies young. I want a family and have wanted a baby since I was 20. My parents are married and supportive, combined they make 200k a year my dad owns a contracting company and my mom is a nurse with a masters degree. They've always been able to provide for me. I have a brand new car and will get a lot of money from my family (huge mexican family lots of cousins, aunties, uncles) for graduation and from the baby shower. So I should be fine financially. Right now I'm an intern working at veteran affairs. 

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    Mother Nature would say ages I0-6t is perfectly fine zxjqk

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    A 23 year old baby would be huge

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    You are 23, and are already pregnant and are having this baby. It makes no matter about whether you are too young or not because soon enough, sweetie, you WILL be a mother.

    The money your family has is IRRELEVANT because you and Mr Wonderful are responsible for raising your baby.

  • zipper
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    1 month ago

    You would be to young at 93!  I base this on the many foolish things you ask!

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    ...So there's another recent post, written in the same style and using the same adjectives like "narcissistic," purporting to be from your mother. Not sure if you're Mom reposting from Daughter's viewpoint to get a second opinion or the reverse situation or entirely making this up, but to give it a shot:

    You're not too young at 23, but your attitude smacks of immaturity. Your folks provided for you and saw you into young adulthood. They've done their job, and now it's time for you to do yours, by providing for your child. It's nice to get baby gifts at your shower, but do you really want your little one to grow up noticing everything came from G'ma and G'pa instead of mom and dad? Do you really want LO to grow up and return someday, hands outstretched, with the news that they're having your grandchild and expect *you* to foot the bill?

    My folks have given my five kiddos a lot of nice things over the year, but the kids respect my former spouse and I more because we both worked for their basic needs and extras, everything from diapers to soccer lessons, bikes, books, etc. Kids are smart and they would wonder what was up if we'd just hit up "the first national bank of Grandma" everytime we needed something.

    So you're not too young (I had my oldest soon after I turned 25) but you should ideally be standing on your own two feet by the time your LO arrives. From personal experience, young marriage and parenthood has its stresses, but it's also an amazing feeling to be starting your own household together and getting the hang of the whole "adulting" thing, while parenting a LO. You can still fall back on your folks for advice and emotional support, but finding that independence rocks!

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    Yes.  Not because of your age, but because you are lying to yourself about your present relationship being the love of your life if you are still mourning the end of your past relationship.  In reality your present boyfriend is merely your rebound guy and it is very common for people to misconstrue their feeling in a rebound relationship (which is destined for doom).  If you want a family you should wait, but if you want to be a single mom and be criticized the rest of your life by your parents, you are on the right track.

  • GB
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    1 month ago

    Are you the person who in another post , pretends to be the concerned parents of a 23 yeasr-old daughter ? Gppd luck with working on the plot for your story.

  • 1 month ago

    i dont think so

  • 1 month ago

    Yes, a bit. At 23 you've barely lived your life yet. Have you traveled the world? Have you had multiple relationships? Are you a professional? Understand that once you have a baby your adult life will become EXTREMELY limited and you will have little or no time to live your life or explore the possibilities.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    best wishes.ur life is going well. 

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