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As Presidents of America, they have to suffer pressure, criticism, scorn, slander, public scrutiny, etc from we people and the media, ...?

even also all kinds of threats from extremists.

 However, why are there many people desperate to run for this office, including Trump and Biden  even in their close 80's?


Lust for power and vanity ?  or  Strong responsibility for country and we people ?

Update 2:

In authoritarian countries, like China and North Korea, dictator xi and kim do not allow their people to type  dictators ' names on social media, let alone to criticize them publicly. Shut up or Disappear. -------Americans are blessed to live in a free country. Right?

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    Something I also asked myself recently, my guess is personal interests as always.

  • As president of America don't be such a pitiful, pathetic, disgusting, dishonored, disgraced, 'LYING CHEATING PHONY FRAUD & FAKE' "Divider in Chief" & maybe he won't be so demoralized by 'we the people' & the media! =<)

    Source(s): 'Truth & justice!' =<)
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    They're egomaniacs

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    Trump has been far harder on the media by inciting violence against them.  

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    Like Trump, no president has now suffered harassment and campaigns against him. Biden won't suffer from that problem because those who do are on his side.

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