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Taurus Sun or Taurus Moon?

Who do you prefer out of the 2?

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  • Janet
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    1 month ago

    Taurus Sun is someone who seeks inner self-fulfillment by building security in their life. They do tend to be rigid and inflexible, but it does depend on the rest of the chart.  If they have a lot of Mutable planets, they are not stubborn or rigid .. they just have a somewhat harder time finding inner security.

    Taurus Moon tries to deal with their emotions by avoiding emotional highs and lows. They tend to be consistently easy-going and are a great shoulder to cry on because they don't get all upset.

    But they achieve this emotional stability by repressing their tension, so when it buiilds up, it is like a massive explosion. 

    i have a lot of planets in Mutable Signs in my chart, so I like the verve of Mutable people.  But benefit from the stability of Fixed Signs.

    Since I have Scorpio Rising, I have Taurus setting ... i.e., Taurus is on my Descendant. And anyone who has Sun in Taurus, within 8 degrees of my Descendant, or Moon or Venus in Taurus close to my Descendant .. there is an instant mutual bond.

    But for marriage, I would rather have someone who had their Moon in Taurus than Sun in Taurus. Sun in Taurus would affect our lifestyle more than Moon in Taurus would.  And I can withstand the occasional rare explosions of a Moon-in-Taurus person ... I just step back and let them vent until they are done, and I don't take it personally ... because it isn't personal .. they've just let their stress build up and now it has to escape.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Taurus moons are better. PERIODT.

  • 1 month ago

    SUN...MY BRO is May 10th and he is so sweet and romantic. He loves a Pisces woman but they are so broke.

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