Why does a boil hurt? ?

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  • 3 weeks ago


    Are large ,tender swollen, raised areas caused by staphylococcal infection around hair follicles. They form in the neck, breasts, face and rear areas,, however they can form on the face around the nose or ears or even on the fingers.

    Boils have pus in the center, usually a slightly bloody substance (infection) oozes from the boil. Some people get boils from poor hygiene.

    To help with a boil go to your local feed store ask for a tin of bag-balm (square tin green in color) apply this to the area cover with gauze and a square of gauze to cover the boil,,,,apply a great amount of bag- balm,,,,,cover with gauze,,, wrap to hold in place use tape to secure the area. Do this 2X a day in a day or two the boil will rupture and heal...This balm draws the infection to the surface and then the skin ruptures and infection will be out and boil will be gone. Trust me it WORKS I have a tin at all times...... 

  • 1 month ago

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