Help me find the song of the music video I remember from early 2000’s?

Hi everyone!

I’ve been trying to remember the name of the song and artist from early 2000’s but need your help!

So hear me out, there was a music video played on MTV constantly after 2004/2003 for sure - of which the whole music video was shot in a red filter, was an electronic, almost in house genre. I remember it was featuring some sort of hotel / city scenes. And the vocal was a woman who just said “Aah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah uh.” (I wish I was able to upload a sound file here! So you guys could hear what I mean) It wasn’t an aggressive song, the woman’s vocals were relaxed too.

I don’t know why or may be mistaken but for somehow I remember something like it was either shot in a brothel or that it was shot in Berlin... May be totally making that up though. :))

I would reaaaally appreciate a help!

Thanks in advance,


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