Are there and home security cameras that don't require an internet connection??!?

I need some cameras for my home, but I don't have internet here. I've been looking all day, but just gave up a few minutes ago. Ideally, I'd like one with a motion sensor in my living room. Im not worried about one for my door, like Ring, because I live in an apartment and there are always people coming and going. But definitely one for my livingroom and maybe one in the hallway. Please let me know. Thanks.

Note: I've read that their are some that operate off of TMobiles' lte network, but we don't have any towers for good t mobile service.

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  • 1 month ago

    Yes. Loads of them.

    They existed long before the internet and mobile phones as hard wired systems.

    They still exist today because a properly designed hard-wired system cannot be hacked. Even gaining access to a camera connection cable will not give any control of the system.

    Hard wired systems aren’t necessarily expensive to purchase but they are expensive to install. If you want a secure remote access kit so that only you (and anyone you authorise) can remotely control the system from a smartphone, then that adds significant extra cost.

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