How did Europeans dominate the world, when did it start, leading up to today's western dominated world?

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    A series of fortunate accidents that gave European society the edge at a time when the social atmosphere allowed it to be used.  There were times when other civilisations had the edge but social conservatism held back predatory colonialism.  China could easily have done the same earlier if Confusianism hadn't become so strong.  Pick up a copy of "Guns, Germs, and Steel."  It was the "must read" book of the late 90s so cheap 2nd copies abound.  It's still an interesting read on the topic.

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    When we invented guns that were accurate over a greater range than a spear. If you’ve got a gun and can stay out of range of someone with a spear, you can’t loose.

    Hence it was relatively easy for a small  army with guns to defeat a large tribe without.

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    The exploration of the African coast ever southwards by Portuguese navigators in the 1400s, culminating with Da Gama entering the Indian Ocean, was one large factor.

     The other large factor was the accidental discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus.  

    A much later factor was the gradual shrinking of the European area of the Turkish Ottoman Empire.We have had our 500 years of fame, be prepared in the next couple of hundred years for the star of Europe and of European-inspired civilisations to fade.

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    With people like Henry the Navigator in 15th century Portugal and the Voyages of Discovery that paved the way for explorers to find and claim lands for their empires, or in the case of the British East India Company enter into commercial arrangements with local rulers in city states who prospered from the arrangements. The concept of nations was a very different thing then and even some European countries would not be unified until the 19th century. Somewhere like The Gambia was territory marked out by the range of British gunboat that could control the country from the river.

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    Big Guns

    Big Ships and Big Armies

    and God was on the Side of the British

    God sank the Spanish armada  God made it Rain so we could with the Prussians Beat Napoleon at a wet Waterloo

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    There are many good history books on this, as it's far too big a topic for a post here.

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